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Al Masraf’s incorporation was an outcome of the vision, wisdom, and farsightedness of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan, and Their Highnesses Rulers of other Emirates. The pristine purpose of Al Masraf’s existence was based on nation’s leadership, the ideology of mutual co-operation, and promotion of joint investments in the Arab countries.

The bank was established in 1976 by a special Decree signed by the Rulers of the seven Emirates; It is owned by the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates and two respected Goverments Owned Arab banks, The Libyan Foreign Bank, Libya and Banque Exterieure d'Algerie – Algeria.

Al Masraf benefits from a pan-Arab culture and identity, this gives the bank a competitive advantage in achieving its original mission of helping to promote and develop investment and trade relations between Arab nations.

Al Masraf operates from a geo-politically strategic location in the Middle East enabling it to play a crucial role in linking the West and the East.

Al Masraf has one particularity,which is its federal identity; This fact has characterized the bank’s activities throughout its 33 years of history and is planned to continue to play a considerable role in the bank’s future strategy of modernization and development.

Currently, Al Masraf is engaged on the path of major modernization across all levels of the organization, to realize its dynamic mission and ambition of being ‘Preferred, Trusted, and Pioneering' Bank in the region.

Al Masraf enjoys the status and privilege of torchbearer in translating the e-governance initiatives of the Government of the UAE into successful business and service processes. Al Masraf has provided significant support to e-Dirham, and e-Guarantee initiatives of the Ministry of Finance and Industry. Al Masraf plans to improve and expand the reach for the existing services to all emirates of the UAE.

Al Masraf at present has seven branches, and sub-offices across the UAE, and a network of correspondents relationships throughout the globe; Its primary aim is to achieve a leading position in the banking industry. Opening of overseas branches and representative offices in Arab countries are also scheduled.

Strategic moves are being taken continuously to further strengthen its growth by aggressively entering in retail and commercial banking, and to realize its visions of becoming one of the most Preferred, Trusted and Pioneering bank in the region.

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Al Masraf Phone Number: (971) (2) 6721900

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