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The Vontobel Group offers the unique combination of an independent Swiss private bank with the innovative strength of an active international asset manager. Their integrated business model with the three business units Private Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management ensures close cooperation and allows them to successfully pool their expertise and resources - for the benefit of their clients and business partners. Each day, thousands of Vontobel employees around the world create sustained added value for their clients: they diligently manage and monitor the client assets entrusted to them, while carefully tracking developments in the financial markets and observing global events. Whether they are in the heart of Zurich, in New York or Dubai - employees in 19 international locations identify trends and devise appropriate innovative investment strategies and products everywhere that their clients are based.

Performance creates trust

At the Vontobel Group, their relationship with their clients is founded on performance and trust. This is one reason why many of these relationships continue from one generation to the next. Bank Vontobel want to achieve a performance that inspires their clients with confidence each time Bank Vontobel serve them. Bank Vontobel focus on areas of business of which they have an expert knowledge and they earn the trust of their clients by delivering on their promises.

Private Banking is committed to expertly managing the assets entrusted to it by its clients. It offers them the full range of financial and wealth management services and advice based on a holistic and customized approach with a focus on individual solutions. Private Banking supplies a wide variety of services, from portfolio management and active investment advisory to integrated financial advice and inheritance planning. Thanks to Vontobel's business model, clients can also benefit from access to the proven expertise of Asset Management and Investment Banking. In every aspect of their work, the specialists in Private Banking focus on security and the sustained enhancement of value. The business unit has operations in Zurich, Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lucerne, Vaduz, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Milan and Hong Kong. At the start of 2011 it established a presence in Cologne

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Bank Vontobel Phone Number: +41 58 283 71 11

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