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Denmark National Bank Description:

While safeguarding its traditions, Danmarks Nationalbank shall actively renew itself and adapt to trends in society and to the requirements of the surrounding world. Danmarks Nationalbank shall protect its credibility by not only displaying professional competence, managerial skills and sound judgement, but also by maintaining an organisation which lives up to the principles Danmarks Nationalbank considers to be significant to society's development: efficiency, cost awareness and readiness for change. Focusing on its primary tasks, on an ongoing basis Danmarks Nationalbank shall set priorities for its work.

In brief: Denmark National Bank shall display professional competence and exert sound judgement, and themselves live up to the principles they consider to be important to society.

* Danmarks Nationalbank shall be an attractive workplace capable of attracting, motivating and retaining well-qualified employees and offering them working conditions which ensure balance between work and leisure. Key qualifications are initiative, commitment, adaptability and a willingness and ability to cooperate across professional barriers, and with other areas of the organisation. All employees must have the necessary training and/or education to handle their tasks. It is a joint responsibility to ensure that everyone is trained and developed in preparation for new tasks.

In brief: It is important to Danmarks Nationalbank that all employees display professional competence, show initiative and an ability to cooperate, and can adapt to change.

* Danmarks Nationalbank shall be service-oriented in terms of both the external relations of line functions, and the internal relations of staff functions with the rest of the bank. Teamwork and project work within each unit and between departments is encouraged. In cooperation with the employees, managers shall set priorities for tasks, define targets and ensure the necessary responsibility sharing and communication, thereby limiting the need for detailed supervision. This gives employees the widest possible scope to define their own working methods, solve tasks and take decisions themselves to the greatest extent possible.

In brief: Managers shall motivate employees, set priorities, delegate responsibility and encourage teamwork.

* Danmarks Nationalbank's relations with the financial sector are based on market-oriented solutions, and the costs to the sector and to Danmarks Nationalbank must be weighed against the value to society of the system or requirement. The underlying principle for systems and requirements relating to the credit institutions shall be equal treatment irrespective of size, geographical location and national affiliation.

In brief: Relations with the financial sector shall be based on marketoriented solutions and relevance to society.

* In relations with public authorities and players in the financial system, and in international cooperation, Danmarks Nationalbank shall seek influence and express attitudes which are in line with Danmarks Nationalbank's objectives. In relations with the public Danmarks Nationalbank shall, via the media and otherwise, ensure an understanding of the decisions relating to Danmarks Nationalbank's own tasks. With regard to financial conditions or economic policy in general, Danmarks Nationalbank shall comment on these issues if they are of material importance to its implementation of monetary and foreign-exchange policy, or to the efficiency and stability of the financial markets.

In brief: Danmarks Nationalbank shall participate actively in national and international cooperation and shall communicate its policies in a clear and transparent way.

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Denmark National Bank Phone Number: +45 33 63 63 63

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